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Wiley Ford Animal Clinic was started in 2007 in order to bring convenient, friendly, and caring pet health care to local residents in the WV, MD, PA Tri-State areas.  We strive to provide quality health care and support for our patients. 

We offer a variety health care services and products from general health exams and vaccinations, parasite control, diagnostic blood testing, health and nutritional counseling, and minor surgical and dental procedures.  We also offer FDA approved MLS Laser Therapy for healing and pain management.

We help to educate our pet owners to order to provide and maintain quality health care for our pets and patients.

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Phone:  304-738-9117
Fax:       304-738-4355

Open Monday-Friday @ 9:00 AM and
Two Saturdays per month by appointment

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*Lyme Disease is Endemic in our area not only in the human population but in our pets as well!

All Year Round Tick Control is Crucial in helping to protect your Pet from several tick diseases.

Lyme disease can be transmitted by ticks in the Cold Winter Months, as well as the Spring, Summer & Fall seasons.

Vaccinate for Lyme Disease now. 

Contact us and ask how we can protect your pets from this and other tick diseases.

Visit the Following Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) links for more information:

Available Products to aid in
External Parasite Control

~NexGard Chews
           for Flea & Tick Control for Dogs
~Frontline Gold
           for Flea & Tick Control for Cats & Dogs
~Seresto Collars
           for up to 8 Month Flea and Tick Control
                 for Dogs and Cats
for Flea, Mite, & Heartworm Control
                  for Cats & Dogs

Additional Products Available
@ Our Online Store!

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We can help pets with pain and arthritis, skin hot spots, ear infections/problems, and/or other potential health issues.  Ask us about MLS Laser Therapy to aid in Healing and Pain Management!         





As a Courtesy Reminder, Payment is Due at the time services are rendered.

We accept: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express


Wiley Ford Animal Clinic
12 W. Maple St.

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12 W. Maple St. Wiley Ford, WV, 26767

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